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A few years ago I was teaching journalism to a class of college seniors and mentioned the Watergate scandal. Blank looks. A story they’d never heard of–and my first big one.

Almost by accident, my early at-bats were in journalism’s major leagues. My first job out of school in Montana was news correspondent with the Voice of America in Washington, DC. Watergate. Kissinger’s secret Paris talks. Nixon’s resignation. Then to Chicago: Gulf hurricanes, Elvis, the Jonestown massacre, Jimmy Carter. Months on the campaign plane with Ronald Reagan.

From there, CBS News. New York, LA, Dallas. The fortieth anniversary of Normandy, OJ’s freeway chase, the Waco shootout, the Oklahoma City bombing, Saudi Arabia and the first Gulf war. To London: funerals for Princess Di and Mother Teresa; intifadas in the Middle East, the small wars in Bosnia and Kosovo. Then the big ones: My job as London bureau chief was to get Afghanistan and Iraq covered–and to keep my people safe in a combat environment that no longer considered journalists non-combatants. Five years was enough.

Tried golf. Terrible. Tried teaching. Loved the kids but the faculty warfare felt like Afghanistan again. And then I happened upon real estate….interesting. I discovered that the profession requires many of the tools I had refined in the news business. Meeting deadlines? They’re old friends. Multi-tasking? Of course. Critical thinking and a healthy skepticism? That’s almost the mantra of the business. A journalist knows that even when mom says she loves you, you check it out. For a realtor–dealing with surveys, water supplies, legal rights, promises–it goes double. You check it out.

And probably the most important trait I refined as a journalist and now bring to this profession is a rock-steady moral compass. You tell the truth, you deal with people honestly and you understand at a very deep level that your work every day carries the opportunity to do enormous good, or, if you aren’t careful, serious harm. People count on you to get it right. I like that. It’s what I do.